About Us

Welcome to Cassalu! 

Cassalu started as a meeting place where families, friends and communities come together and touch base. 

Now it is a sought after, iconic brand for everyone – from those who only want to catch up and share a brief exchange of conversations to those who want to slow down the hustle, celebrate life and create heartwarming stories over artisanal cheesecakes, scrumptious dishes, specialty coffee and delicious beverages. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to share an exciting and festive experience to every consumer by providing artisanal level of pastries, meals and beverages as well as ensuring extraordinary and transformational customer service.

Our Vision

We will be a part of every significant event, special gathering, important milestone, festive occasion, and heartwarming story that will be celebrated and shared by families, friends and communities.

Our Story

Noel and Loren were both college students when they started a small, home-based pastry business in 2007. With only 5,000 pesos as their initial capital, Loren bakes and Noel sells; that was their humble beginning.

Loren, who is a Certified Public Accountant, has always dreamt of pursuing to put up a food business due to her passion for cooking and baking. She is fond of curling up with gastronomic books, experimenting recipes at home and enrolling in short culinary courses.

Noel, on the other hand, was a graduate of Business Management. He always had the passion for business, grit and resilience. One day, Loren baked cheesecakes for Noel. Instead of saying “ang sarap”, he exclaimed “Benta natin ito!”. Obviously he thought that the cheesecakes were delicious, but having that entrepreneur mindset, his outburst was that the cheesecakes will surely be a hit, impressive and extraordinarily delicious enough to be sold.

Delighted to see that their family and friends were enjoying their cheesecakes and pastries, they started investing in kitchen tools and decided to join night markets and christmas bazaars. As such, they have raised some funds from what they sell. The number of customers continuously drawn to their delicious cakes and pastries, grew bigger.

With “family” and “celebrations” at the heart of what they do, they decided to run their own food corporation, RNL Food Concepts Inc.

Initially, they launched Snack Attack, which serves exciting snacks around the country. It started as a local on-the-go snacks store in one of the busiest corners of Las Piñas City. What was thought to be just another one of the small businesses they started, quickly became a national sensation in less than a year.

This ignited into an exciting and extraordinary business venture: Cassalu, the family-oriented, premium brand under the umbrella of RNL Food Concepts Inc.

Cassalu, which is named after their children Cassandra and Lucas, also sounds like the tagalog word kasálo which means “a person with whom one shares”.

Founders Noel and Loren, opened the doors of Cassalu to Filipinos in 2018 because of their shared passion and value on “spending quality time with families” and “holding festive celebrations”.

Up until today, these Filipino cultures and values have always been dear and staple to the couple’s hearts – a way of life. This is what Cassalu is all about.

Who We Are

Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen is a brand concept by RNL Food Concepts Inc.. It is a third wave café in Las Piñas, City serving not only specialty coffee but also savory meals and freshly baked cakes and pastries.

Home of Pastries and Flavorful Coffee Beans.

We offer freshly baked pastries that are so intense, so perfectly sweetened that might create a pastry person out of you.

We hold coffee to a higher standard from the bean to the cup. Our guest experience will be about providing wonderful coffee and food journey towards discovering their winning preferred pairings/combinations.

Cassalu features a full menu consisting of Local and Fusion cuisines, individualized signature mains and never been imagined comfort food.

Holding all of these while winning the inviting yet calm and classic look of the restaurant.

Our Culture

Cassalu loves Filipino families and communities.

Our culture is a social and fun-loving community. We welcome everyone – from locals as well as visitors, from those taking time out between work and home, to those meeting friends, colleagues, or families.

Our expertly trained baristas and employees will treat everyone kindly and fairly. We provide a warm welcome to every guest and we strive to serve extraordinary and transformational customer service.

Our Products

Whether our guests choose to dine in, enjoy our house specialty on the al fresco terrace or have our products delivered, Cassalu is loved for its satisfying and inexpensive cheesecakes, meals and beverages. Cassalu is home to high quality, artisanal range of cheesecakes, pastries, meals and beverages that are supplemented with high-quality ingredients.

The cakes and pastries are among the best in the south: the Cassalu Dozen Flavor Cheesecake is legendary and a must try.

Part of Noel and Loren’s daily routine as a married couple was enjoying a cup of specialty coffee to get them through their busiest days. This sacred routine of transforming your coffee experience to the artisanal level is something you don’t want to miss out. Let our baristas brew the coffee beans in front of you and discover the aroma of the world with Cassalu’s Third Wave Coffee.

Our Ambience

Despite the establishment being in the busy corner of Las Pinas, it is easy to love as it is one of the few spots where you can relax and enjoy an atmosphere of inner peace, especially for those who do not like places with a lot of noise.

Fall in love with Cassalu’s beautiful, modern architectural ambience that creates heartwarming stories with both “celebration vibe” and “festive mood” from very early in the morning to late at night.

Glass windows and nouveau, nordic-inspired lightings keep Cassalu’s interior soothingly low-lit. Maple wood paint adds a sober, inviting and luxurious edge.

Take a stool from one of the high coffee tables, bag one of the spots near the windows or reminisce about your childhood at one of their swing seats.

Listen to our acoustic, bossa and jazz line of music and beat that will surely release happy hormones, uplift your mood and create a positive atmosphere as you escape a long busy day.

Have your precious pictures taken with the IG worthy, coffee mug wall decor as your background or on one of comfy, lovely couches.

The best remedy to a stress-free, grateful day or night is Cassalu with your family and friends.

Make heartwarming stories and celebrate with us.
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